Counterpoint Retail Apps


Mobile Point of Sale—Sell from Anywhere

Mobile POS

  • Check Inventory
  • Add New Customers
  • Sales and Returns
  • Secure POS payments
  • Share Mobile devices across stores
  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Multiple email or print receipt options
  • Build your customer base for future email marketing
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Imagine being able to break away from the counter and sell your products anywhere; around your store, at a tent sale, or anywhere that your customers are.  Freedom in the palm of your hand.

Sell it Anywhere

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Integrated Ecommerce

  • Expand your business to the web with minimum effort and expense
  • Items, prices, and customers come directly from Counterpoint SQL
  • Eliminate costly double entry—import orders to Counterpoint SQL
  • Built-in marketing tools help you reach new customers
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An ecommerce and web-hosting service designed exclusively for merchants using Counterpoint v7 and Counterpoint SQL. With easy set-up, flexible configurations, and powerful retail functionality, NCR Retail Online can help you quickly extend your product offering to the web. NCR Retail Online has all the features you need to efficiently and effectively operate your business at its fullest potential.

Payment Services

  • Direct connections to all major credit card associations including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover® and JCB®, Gift Cards
  • Nationwide payment infrastructure backed by fully redundant data centers to ensure consistent  processing availability and optimal routing times
  • Fast transaction speeds

CPGateway enhances electronic payment processing for merchants using CPv7 and CPSQL. With CPGateway, you can authorize credit cards, debit cards, EBT food stamps, stored value cards and checks via the Internet in just seconds. It’s fast reliable, secure, and easy to set up.

Mobile Alerting

  • Scans transaction history and instantly identifies anyone performing activities outside of the standard daily activities.
  • Instant fraud prevention with alerts indicating suspicious activity
  • Increase your bottom line by taking immediate action on activity that negatively impacts margins and store operations
  • Easy to read messages on your mobile device or email message
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Customer Connect

A powerful email marketing system which integrates directly with your NCR Counterpoint POS system.

  • Create recurring email campaigns:
    Welcome new customers, send birthday offers, or tell customers you miss them. Set up the campaign one time and going forward it will be sent out automatically.
  • See sales results:
    Closed-loop reporting allows you to see how many customers came in and made a purchase as a result of sending and email.
  • Update email lists automatically:
    With shared information, adding new customers or updating existing customer information at the point of sale will automatically update your email list.