Our POS Systems


Which POS System is right for you?

Point of Sale software comes in many flavors:  From a simple system that rings up sales, to a comprehensive system that tracks inventory and customer activity, projects product needs, helps you market and keeps you aware along the way. Picking the right system will help you succeed!

To ensure you choose the right system, Datamann starts by talking to you about your goals.  We like to review your current process, things you like, things you dislike, things you wish you could do! We want to look into the future with you, discuss what tools you need to grow and how you want to use them. With this information we can help you select the software that addresses your immediate needs and opens the doors to future opportunity.

Datamann offers a full line of NCR software and Intuit products. Please call us at 800-451-4263 to discuss how we can help you.